It was 5pm on a Friday, I’d just found out I had passed my probation period and my boss was really happy with my performance.

I was miserable.

Eleven weeks into a job where I had worked ridiculous hours of unpaid overtime, I knew I had to resign at that moment to avoid a three month notice period.

After six years working in the fashion industry, I handed in my notice with no new job to go to. Exhausted, worn down, burnt out, I personally felt exploited so I could only imagine how the underpaid garment workers I liaised with daily felt.

I had studied fashion for two years at college before settling on a degree in Contour Fashion which specialises in lingerie, swim & sportswear design. Giving up on the industry all together was never an option.

Triggered by a number of fast fashion documentaries and the greenwashing I had seen first hand in the brands I worked for, I decided to go it alone.
Not to expose the companies for what they were doing wrong, but to highlight what I was doing right.

I don’t know where the confidence came from to start and I don’t know where it’s still coming from to keep going, but registering Noelle was the best decision I ever made.

Designing only products that I love and wear myself and using fabrics which are high quality, comfortable and durable, I wholeheartedly believe in my small business.

The big goal for Noelle?
I’d love to have a concept store, stocking other makers work and running workshops. Noelle clothing would be made in a glass walled studio - total transparency.
With a cafe in the day and a quiet bar in the evening with local musicians and inspiring books to read.
A community feel, for people who care.

If you have any questions, would like to connect or even fund my concept store (sort of joking) please send an email to:

Big love,
Eliza x