Eco Packaging

Eco Packaging


Noelle completely refrains from using plastic, meaning every step of the supply chain is plastic free.
All packaging is made from recycled materials and/or is recyclable, which has been the way since day one.

Having worked in the fast fashion industry, in the design office for several high street retailers *hangs head in shame*, I was sick to death of the amount of single use plastic that was accumulating. Every sample that would come in was individually shrouded and despite my best efforts, I couldn't get this to change. When the damaging affects of plastic use was really hitting headlines, instead of these companies making actual change, they made sure it wasn't visible to consumers. There were strict orders that plastic coverings were to be removed from garments before anything hit the shop floor.

In their attempts to appear more environmentally friendly, they changed the previously white card swing tags to a non recycled brown kraft card. Not only was there no meaning behind doing this other than to appear to be making change, the white swing tags were immediately redundant, meaning thousands and thousands ended up in landfill.

Before starting Noelle, I decided I was going to do things as consciously as possible from day one. 

It's no secret that cardboard boxes and paper bags cost more than plastic polybags but if the demand for eco options was there, the price would come down. While fast fashion companies continue to profit using polybags, there will be no change. The people at the top value their own profit over anything else.

I often get messages asking where I source my packaging from and I really wanted to share this. I am always happy to share whatever information I can, as I stated before, increased demand will benefit us all!

Where to buy eco packaging?
The Tiny Box Company offer great solutions for packaging, from compostable to recyclable. I personally like anything that is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable.

Where to get branded packaging?
Branded packaging is something I always wanted as I think it adds so much value. Unfortunately, I am still not at the point where I can afford this, so I purchased a Noelle stamp and I brand all of my packaging myself. This has been very cost effective and looks really professional. 

Where to buy eco tape?
I use biodegradable tape from Peace With The Wild, it's compostable, recyclable and plastic free! 

Is tissue paper eco friendly?
Initially, I wrapped each item in tissue paper as there have been a lot of studies on perceived value when an item is wrapped in a number of sheets of tissue. However, half of me feels it's wasteful, unnecessary and not very contemporary. Now I only wrap certain items and when this lot runs out, i'm not sure if I'll repurchase. That being said, the tissue paper I use is from The Tiny Box Company and it's made from 99% recycled pulp fibres. I have a box at checkout where you can leave a note if you have a preference on packaging. 

I hope this helps any small businesses (or big ones!) and if I can help with any other information or in anyway, please email

Love Eliza x 

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